Lab Members


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Gary Lewis - Principal Investigator

My research is broadly concerned with the study of human individual differences. I have specific interests in personality, social attitudes, and social perception, and perhaps unsurprisingly these areas sometimes overlap. I have been using a range of methods to answer questions in these areas, including neuroimaging, quantitative genetics, and behavioural experiments.

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Hannah Connolly - PhD student

My main research area centres around individual differences in social perception abilities. I am interested in examining fundamental skills such as emotion and identity recognition, and how these are associated with broader social, cognitive, and affective traits, such as general intelligence, alexithymia, autism spectrum disorders and social anxiety. I use the statistical approach of structural equation modelling and various behavioural measures to establish the underlying structures of these core social abilities.

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Isaac Halstead - PhD student

My PhD examines the social psychology of emerging genetic technologies. I am interested in understanding why some people embrace biological advances - such as gene editing - whereas others are more cautious or even outright against their use.


Rachael Lickley - PhD Student (1st supervisor Cat Sebastian)

My research is aimed at exploring the neuroscience of frustration: how responses to frustration may change/develop across adolescence, and if individual differences in the neural and/or behavioural responses to frustration are associated with levels of, or confer a vulnerability to, reactive aggressive tendencies. I am also interested in how implicit emotion regulation may influence this frustration response. To explore these questions I will be using both behavioural measures and functional neuroimaging.



Christopher Pease (now a postdoc with Essi Viding at UCL)

Key Collaborators

Tim Bates (University of Edinburgh)

Jan Boehnke (University of Dundee)

Cameron Brick (University of Cambridge)

Ian Deary (University of Edinburgh)

Lee De-Wit (UCL)

Carol Franz/Bill Kremen (UC San Diego)

Christian Kandler (Medical School Berlin)

Carmen Lefevre (UCL)

Robert Plomin (Kings College London)

Tinca Polderman (VU Amsterdam)

Andy Young (University of York)